Saturday, July 11, 2009

Away and BUSY!!!!!!

It's being busy for a while in INTEC now, so, it's going make me away from the whole scene of blogging, yeap, quite a time to adapt the condition in INTEC, ALM students are so damn hardworking but I'm so flinching to stay busy, why???? Because I've got to adapt first, so, I've got to be away from any personal IT particulars to get focus, oh by the way, my facebook is MUHAMAD ALEIFF BIN TAJUDDIN not MUHAMAD ALIEFF BIN TAJUDDIN, right!!! (To those who want to add me on their wall...)

Before that, I would like to say RIP to Michael Jackson and Natrah (Those who are not remember her, please refer to TRAGEDI NATRAH)...oklah sampai situ sahaja....Assalamualaikum...