Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Journey Begins..

It's kinda weird to write in your own blog.. ok, just to say hello to all of bloggers, after 11 struggling years in the school, this time is the right time to move on..the journey of my own in this world will become more challenging, my dream will be live (for god's sake, eventually I prepared more to become a teacher!)..Life is maybe, a long compassionate discovery, past is my history, future is my destiny, who knows?

My SPM's result didn't produce a greater result, huh, being blamed by your school's principal (We called her, nenek kebayan!)..11 A's, 1 C maybe is a failure..

Principal: Tu la awak Aleiff, awak tu memalukan sekolah, saya dah kata jangan ambil Bahasa Perancis, cikgu sekolah kita tak ada yang pakar dalam Bahasa Perancis nie, tengok apa yang dah jadi...
Ustazah Nadiah: Nak buat macam mana puan..Udah REZEKI nak buat macam maner..
Me: Hmm..(Mengeluh dalam hati..)
Principal: Takpelah..apa-apapun saya ucapkan tahniah kepada awak..
Me: Terima kasih (Dengan muka yang tak

It's become a challenge to me after this, I got shorlisted for JPA's medical scholarship and confirmatory for MARA's medical scholarship..huh, it's not a pitfall in SPM, but truthfully said, I'm a bit devastated and frustrated with the result which it should be turned out..These are the results for the entire examination which I took in my 11 years schooling years..

Penilaian Tahap Satu: Lulus (With Flying Colours!!)
Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah: 5A (I'm nominated for Best Student for District Level)
Penilaian Menengah Rendah: 8A (I'm awarded with Best Student for State Level, Brilliant Student for State Level)
SPM: A Major Failure, 10 1A's, 1 2A, 1 5C, 1A for 1119 GCE-O Level
(According to MY PRINCIPAL, it's a devastating result!)

Huh, but I said to all of you, like what I heard to all of the doctors and maybe, some of the professional, all of A's in your SPM, they don't guarantee you a stable life, a stable-guaranteed job..they said, we must have 2 essential noble values and they must be inculcated throughout our lives..

2. GOOD INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP (Don't be too proud with yourself!!!)

hese noble values, I shall elaborate in my near future post...

Then, which from my post's title,

The Journey Begins...

Like what I said, this life is my compassionate journey, and I would live up to my, I must change my perceptions throughout my life, here, medical life is my top priority..for God's Will, one day, I will be an Paeditrician (My 1st choice in this field!), or an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (My 2nd choice la), so I will do my best in my interview and looking forward for it..Good Luck for those who manage to get shortlisted for this interview, do well in your interview..BUAT SEBAIK MUNGKIN, JANGAN HAMPAKAN MAK BAPAK KORANG..Whatever the challenges or obstacles you might face, handle them with perseverance, then, for my 1st post, it's just a contentment for me, because it's seem like a coincidence (Yeah, I think So!)..this the first step in my bloggers' world and my first and major step in my medical dream..

Ini mungkin AKU, 17 tahun dari sekarang!!

Well, I think I will wrap up my first post all of you at near future, Assalamualaikum..


Anonymous said...

weh alieff..
ko dpt jpa n mara gak ke?..
gle hebat tol dpt due-due..
ermm bkn bole apply satu je ke?
or diorang yg offer kt ko?
-afiqah jamalludin al amini-(kalo x knl saje je)

aleiff said...

mara ak dapat offer..jpa 2 ak mintak..

Anonymous said...

so mara ble ko nk gi interview?

aleiff said...

heheh..pakcik aku cakap interview aku lambat ckit..pasal aku ikut kuota